Bush-N-A-Bag Leafy Poncho

New and Improved

Quieter, Softer, and Lighter

Bush-N-a-Bag® is a ground concealment innovation that's truly amazing! This one of a kind, patented, product allows anyone to disappear into his or her surroundings. The perfect system for any situation that blending into your environment is required. Bush-N-A-Bag is the most versatile camouflage system on the market, and is the only 3-D ground blind that you can wear! For the first time, you can dress for any climate in any color of clothing. Our product is designed with a more open mesh pattern that allows one to customixze the tones of your camouflage by wearing different colors underneath. The open weave pattern also allows heat to escape. With Bush-N-A-Bag stay comfortable and concealed no matter what the temperature! Designed to be worn, tied between two trees, or staked out, Bush-N-A-Bag has you covered!

Lightweight at only 2.2 lbs and very portable, our units allow total freedom and mobility. The perfect choice for any ground hunter, hunters who no longer feel secure in a tree stand, or any wheelchair-bound individual. Designed so one size fits all, Bush-N-a-Bag allows you to safely hide your dog or a mentored youth right at your side. Made with only the best materials possible, Bush-N-a-Bag is proudly manufactured in the USA and made to last a lifetime.

One Size Fits All, Available in: All Season Pattern

• Can be used as a personal ground blind for one or more people.

• Perfect for any person regardless of age, gender or physical condition.

• Can be used on the ground or in a tree stand

• Used on the ground, the Bush-N-a-Bag® can be utilized in several different ways:
- Directly worn
- Hung on a single tree
- Hung between two trees
- Used in a prone, sitting, or free standing position.

• More than just for hunting big game, the Bush-N-a-Bag® is also great for:
- Waterfowl
- Doves
- Predators
- Varmints
- Ideal for any camera or video work
- Surveillance
- Bird watching
- Under cover police or SWAT operations

• Ideal for the physically challenged as the perfect wheelchair blind.

• Quiet and lightweight at only 2.2lbs

• One size fits everyone

• Great for hunting with and teaching children

• Machine washable, dries quickly

• The head net can be personalized for any user.

big_jims_bush_n_a_bag_leafy_poncho is great concealment camo for bow hunting or any other kind of hunting
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