Bow Trainer


Designed by an avid archer and certified physical therapist, Bow Trainer™ is a unique training tool that can help archers obtain greater accuracy by improving their form and increasing their strength and stamina.

Bow Trainer™ is the perfect training tool for archers of any age and level of experience–from novice to seasoned professional.

Increase Strength

Increase Stamins

Improve Consistency

Train anytime, anywhere

Specifications •Length: 36" •Weight: 1.2 lbs. •Tube diameter: 1.125" •Draw resistance: simulates a full range, up to 130 lbs


Determine your Draw Length

To measure your draw length, you must determine the length of your arm span in inches. Stand with your arms out and palms facing forward. Measure from the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other. Then, simply divide your measurement by 2.5. If you are of average proportions, your arm span will roughly equal your height.

drawlength representation

As you begin training with the Bow Trainer, make a mental note of your anchor position. Pull the number one band until you reach your draw length, identifying a reference point such as your jaw, the tip of your nose, etc.

Review the proper mechanics for drawing the Bow Trainer™
  1. Place feet shoulder width apart with an open stance.
  2. Hold your bow hand at shoulder height.
  3. Grasp exercise bands with three fingers of the draw hand (index, middle, and ring fingers).
  4. Pull bands with draw arm in upper position, also "in-line" with shoulders, to your anchor position.

top view of stance representation

Initial Maximum Draw Strength (MDS)

It′s important to understand that the recommended process for successful training program is to build strength over time. Don't try to pull too much too soon as you could experience muscle strain and damage.

Starting with the Band 1, pull back to your anchor position and hold for approximately 5 seconds. If this is difficult, this may be your initial maximum draw strength. If it′s not, repeat the same exercise using Band 2 or 3 or a combination of bands until you reach a point of near muscle exhaustion when holding at your anchor position for 5 seconds.

view of stance and bands representation

When you purchase (or if own) your Bow Trainer, refer to the resistance chart in the User Manual to identify your MDS pounds.

Warm Up

Begin your exercise routine by using a resistance that is 30% to 40% of your maximum draw strength. Complete two sets of 8 to 10 repetitions. Rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets. Referring to the resistance chart in your User Manual will make this calculation easy.

Resistance Training

Following your warm up, you'll begin a series of three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions at your full draw length using a resistance that is 50% to 70% of your MDS. Rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets. Referring to the resistance chart in your User Manual will make this calculation easy.

Strength Training

This training phase incorporates the use of the Red "Power Band" to further build strength. Depending on your strength at this point you may find using a band combination that includes the Red "Power Band" is required to reach a resistance that is 70% to 90% of your MDS. Complete four sets of 4 to 10 repetitions. Rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets.

IMPORTANT: when using the Red "Power Band" pull back only 10 inches to 20 inches, usually somewhere between your elbow and your shoulder.


Perform these exercises one time per day, 5 to 7 days per week. If you faithfully follow this program, you should see your strength improve!





Bow Trainer
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