Bear TD Risers

Mr. Bear brought many innovations to the archery industry, but perhaps his proudest moment came in 1969 when production began on his famous Take-Down recurve bow. The classic design was years ahead of its time, and to this day you hear people saying there simply is no finer take-down style bow. Not only does it pack easy, it shoots and feels like a dream. This legendary but modern design is available in both A and B risers, giving you plenty of versatility. Fred Bear hunted with this bow almost exclusively until his last hunt.



The Fred Bear take down risers are available in two lengths, "A" and "B" handles

A crowned shelf, Bear Hair rest, inlaid compass and proprietary latches make this beautiful recurve distinctively functional.

Available in right hand or left hand, please specify.

Available in 2 different wood choices:

  1) Black Maple

  2) Two-tone (Bubinga and Black Maple

# 1 limbs with an "A" Riser = 56"

# 1 limbs with a "B" Riser = 60"

# 3 limbs with an "A" Riser = 60"

# 3 limbs with a "B" Riser = 64"


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