Bear Archery Bows--2016




All New (non-discounted) Bear Bows come with a Big Jim's Custom Made Bow String.

All Bear Bows have been inspected by Big Jim prior to shipment.

Bear Archery '59 Kodiak Bear Bullseye X Recurve Youth Bow
Bear Archery '59 KodiakBear Bullseye X Recurve Youth Bow

Kodiak Ask around about Bear bows and you will surely hear tales of the 59 Kodiak. Throughout the years Bear has been asked time and time again to “bring it back”. Out of respect we were convinced the 59 Kodiak could never and would...

Bullseye X Recurve Suggested age range: 12 & Up • Take-Down design • Multi-laminate limbs • Sight & Arrow Rest Mounting Holes • Right Hand Only • Available in 48" 25lbs, 54" 29lbs, 62" 29lbs




Bear Sonoma Recurve Bear Take-Down Kodiak Recurve Bow from Bear Archery
Bear Sonoma RecurveBear Takedown Recurve Bow

Sonoma Recurve • 60” Length • Take-Down design • Multi-laminate limbs • Right Hand Only • Available in 40lbs and 45lbs

TakeDown Years Later , Still Advanced Mr. Bear brought many innovations to the archery industry, but perhaps his proudest moment came in 1969 when production began on his famous Take-Down recurve bow. The classic design was years ahead of its...



Bear TD Limbs Bear TD Risers
Bear TD Limbs Bear TD Risers

Bear TD Limbs

Bear TD Risers



Bear Kodiak Magnum Bear Ausable Longbow
Bear Kodiak MagnumBear Au Sable Longbow

KODIAK MAGNUM Modeled after the original, famous Kodiak bow, the Kodiak Magnum was first introduced in 1961 as a bow hunters dream due to its short length and ease of maneuverability. The nimble, versatile design struck a chord with hunters who...

AuSable Now available in 62” and 64”, the Ausable longbow, aptly named after Michigan’s famous AuSable River, was introduced in 2011. It’s been well received by longbow enthusiasts due to its reflex/deflex design, larger...



Bear Cheyenne recurve bow from Bear Archery Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow from Bear Archery
Bear CheyenneBear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Cheyenne Looks Good and Feels Even Better Introduced in 2002, the Cheyenne project was a collaboration between father and son – Grant Neil Byce II, Fred Bear’s retired master bowyer, and Grant Neil Byce III, Bear Archery’s...

Grizzly Traditional Value Storied Results The Grizzly is a legendary bow that has been proving itself since 1950. To this day, it’s a highly valued partner for many traditional shooters. Mr. Bear made the last change to the Grizzly in...



Bear Kodiak Cub Recurve bear archery montana longbow
Bear Kodiak Cub RecurveBear Montana Longbow

Bear Kodiak Cub Recurve This 48" traditional youth bow was originally known as the Little Bear and was introduced in 1965. Over 45 years later your youngster can still have a laminated bow of adult quality just like mom and dad's. This is a...

Montana The Real Thing For True Believers The Montana longbow was first introduced in the late 90s and has become very popular for its clean and classic form. This bow was designed by one of Fred Bear’s long-time bowyers, Grant Neil Byce...



bear archery patriot longbow Fred Bear Super Grizzly Recurve Bow from Bear Archery
Bear Patriot LongbowBear Super Grizzly Recurve Bow

Patriot The Classic Creative Collaboration Byron Ferguson, a trick shot specialist and renowned hunter, worked with Bear Archery to create this special longbow. The design is Byron’s, manufactured by Bear Archery, creating a spectacular...

Super Grizzly For Smooth Steady Shooting The original Super Grizzly was available in the mid-1970s, and was reintroduced in 2011 to the delight of archers who prefer a smooth-shooting feel. The Super Grizzly’s performance is extraordinary...



Fred Bear Super Kodiak Black and Tan recurve bow from Bear Archery Super Kodiak Grayling Recurve Bow from Bear Archery
Bear Super KodiakBear Super Kodiak Black Phenolic "Black Beauty"

Fred Bear used this model bow for many years on quests for African lion, cape buffalo, Alaskan polar bear and the British Columbia grizzly bear. To this day the Super Kodiak is one of the smoothest, finest shooting bows available.

Super Kodiak Classic Then and Now 1967 marked the end of one era and the beginning of a new one at Bear Archery: after 17 years of production, the Super Kodiak replaced the very popular Kodiak line of bows. Fred Bear himself used this model bow...



Kodiak Magnum Recurve Bow from Bear Archery
Bear Super Mag 48

Super Mag 48 Once Impossible Still Incredible In 1966 Bear introduced the bow that most experts said could not be made: an effective, comfortable 48” hunting bow, proudly called the Bear Super Magnum 48. All these years later, it remains a...